Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Singapore Businesses still don't Get It

This is one good example why our Prime Minister has to plead with our home-grown businesses to wake up and embrace new technology. Heck, some of these stuff are not even new. They have been around for the past decade and yet we see a sluggish momentum to pick them up.

So right now I am looking the popular camera shop called John 3:16. It is popular because almost every local photographers have been to it and have spoken with the very friendly staff. The prices are reasonable and the after sales service is excellent. All these sound great but what good is it if you cant find them both online and physically? Yes, it is not a joke! I couldn’t locate them at Funan! You see they don’t have a website and Funan’s directory is uselessly outdated. Who on earth will start a business and not have a website you ask? Apparently a lot of businesses today, be it new start-ups or old SMEs are still clueless about the importance of a website. In this instance, John 3:16 missed a perfectly good opportunity to impress me with their promotions and testimonials. Yes I have heard of them many times but it would have been nice if they have a website to showcase all these feedback and give me a rough guide to their services and product stock-up. Maybe they have a small page somewhere with some photography club but again what good is it if I can’t find it. A quick search on google produces nothing but some random comments about John 3:16. Some of the comments are good, some gave addresses (outdated ) and some gave telephone numbers (outdated as well). This doesn’t reflect very well on them. And I hope other businesses will learn from this and start to pay more attend to the messages they are sending out via their web presence or the lack thereof. Remember that as a business, you would want to control the messages that your clients are receiving and if you think that is not important and you can leave it to some forum users, then I am afraid you will lose lots of business opportunities and eventually you will fade into oblivion.


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