Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Crappy SingNet

I have switched over to Starhub Maxonline and called Singnet a moment ago to terminate my DSL line. You won’t believe the hoops I have to jump through just to do that. My first stop was the helpdesk at Singnet. I told the assistant that I wanted to terminate my broadband service and she said she can’t do that through the phone and directed me to a page on their website where I could submit a termination request. She then drops the bomb about the $40 fee for immediate termination. That was because I should give them one month notification before termination, she said. Hey singnet, in this age of the internet who on earth asked for 1 month notice? Do you really need one month to terminate my line or is that supposed to give me time to reconsider?!

Ok never mind that. I opt for immediate termination as I figured $40 is cheaper than my one month bill if I were to wait. I logged on to singnet website and tried several time to get to the termination page. I tried it on IE and on Firefox and nothing works. The page just refused to load. That got me wondering if all this is just to make termination difficult. Ok never mind that too. Let’s terminate the phone line first since with the broadband gone, I will no longer require the phone line. I called SingTel this time and similarly requested for termination of my line. The experience is better this time around. At least there was no shocking news. And then I requested to be transfer to Singnet to terminate my broadband. I was just trying my luck in case I get a new assistant who will be willing to help me do that through the phone.

The transfer went through and I spoke to a new assistant who confirmed the termination of my phone line and then she did something really stupid. She asked me if I would want to terminate my broadband immediately! Well well, let’s see; I have just terminated my phone line that was used for my broadband and she is asking me if I would like to keep the broadband for one more month?!

Determined to get this over with, I swept aside the silly question and asked her to terminate the broadband service NOW. She muttered something about $40 and I said sure and that was it. So that just proved that it can be done through the phone and the first assistant was basically giving me the run around. I don’t understand why they must make termination of service such a hassle. Making it hard for consumers to do that will just ensure that they are not the only one that will switch. Now I will make sure that everyone around me know about singnet’s poor service and will discourage anyone to sign up with them. In fact I will get all my friends to switch to starhub. And if they have to go through the same hoops just to switch, they may spread the word further and get their families and friends to switch as well. Bad publicity is just gonna spread fast and it will come back to kick singnet in the butt.

Now, about the $40 fee for “immediate” termination, I just wonder what will happen if I refuse to pay. Are they gonna cut my already non-existent line? Hmm… and it looks like I am not the only one complaining about Singnet. CLICK here to read what others say.


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